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See our Store Front for these items and more great buys for all your garage door needs.

Black bearingless nylon rollers ( set of 12): $24.59

Steel bearing rollers ( set of 12): $27.59

To quite your door use these lifetime warranty sealed neo rollers
Highcycle sealed neo rollers ( set of 12): $59.59

7' high cycle torsion cables:  $41.95

  • 8' torsion cables:  $51.95
  • 7' extension cables:  $41.95
  • 8' extension cables:  $51.95

Set of drums:  $49.95

Weather stripping:  $1.20 per foot


Keyless Remotes
Make/Model and Manufactuer year needed for remotes and keyless.

  • Remotes for Liftmaster/Sears:  $21.95 - $28.95
  • Remotes for Genie:  $21.95 - $35.95
  • Keyless entry for Liftmaster/Sears:  $41.95  

Also available for purchase are Torsion Springs and Extension Springs.  Please call for availability and pricing @1-800-341-4986 or visit our Store Front on this site.


Washington State sales tax applies to all sales inside Washington State.
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